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Often the clothing wholesaler / retailer was founded throughout 2012 inside city of santa claus cruz accomplish capibaribe, the largest wholesale clothing developing center with brazil, just by businessman erenaldo s. Ribeiro, who had a new clothing hold of 15, but over the internet. Could not come across wholesale clothing suppliers meant for his shop, he did find a large sector with the prospect of growth around e-commerce, due to the fact a large the main shopkeepers have no time to produce long journeys. So he / she created the apparel wholesaler within the in the pernambuco state, the place that the cities about caruaru, toritama and father christmas cruz complete capibaribe are placed, it primarily only used its imaginative and prescient vision of providing atacado de roupas for you to ten-store shopkeepers. But after a while, many shoppers asked for some other clothing. Written goods along with quality, at that moment in 2015, began to generate wholesale clothing also with regard to other considerably more demanding audience, and in 2016 to separate out seals including popular, excellent and great are now designed. The clothing wholesaler will probably continue developing and paying for improvements to raised serve each of our customers.

We still have more than 600 outsourced couturiers, who produce clothes by atacadão solicitor general clothing, and all sorts of our proficient team associated with: service, in business, logistics in addition to administrative. We now have with our unique inventory to help serve small , and medium and enormous companies right then, we now have within a thousand objects with a very big mix that will serve all of audiences. With 2015, immediately after being preferred company with the year in the wholesale clothing segment by renowned less-known brazilian institutions: braslider and high grade brazil, i was chosen corporation of the calendar year in our girl by laqi. We are completely happy to have you actually as all of our customer and grow part of your history. I’m in christmas\ cruz undertake capibaribe pernambuco, we send to everyone brazil through post, insurers, air plus excursions.

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