A Pro Skateboarder States That A New Tony Hawk Game Is Coming Sometime In 2020

This is precisely why this makes the rumor accurate is a story that THPS fans already know; real skaters are generally modeled for games. In the past, names like Bob Burnquist and, of course, Tony Hawk himself have lent their fitness to players throwing them out of skyscrapers. Fans could use the actual boards used by professional snowboarders, and later titles even offered variable adjustment of the wheels and trucks.

So if a professional skateboarder like Jason Dill advertises, as having been included with his board, there is very little reason to guess the leak. A Pro Skateboarder States That A New Tony Hawk Game Is Coming Sometime In 2020

Currently, where the new title will arrive, we can only guess; all we know is that an exit is planned for 2020 as is. However, if THPS makes a comeback, it also bodes well for skateboard fans, even tangentially. If THPS can prove that there is still a strong demographic eager to do more skateboarding, Skate may well come out of retirement to trample the series again, as Skate 3 would have done.

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