Brawlhalla’s Brawl Of The Week Has Begun, With Platform Kings Bringing A New Legend Rotation!

Brawlhalla continues to change the gameplay with its new Brawl of the Week! This week, brawlers compete as they compete to see who can win a chaotic version of the King of the Hill.

Players will be able to jump into the Platform Kings game mode for this new fight of the week. Four players will compete to see who can move on the moving red platform and claim their title of king of the platform!

There will be a total of six platforms on the map, the mobile red platform being the key to scoring points. Try to stun your opponents to keep them away from the platform, which will continuously change around the map! After two minutes, the player with the most points wins!Brawlhalla’s Brawl Of The Week Has Begun, With Platform Kings Bringing A New Legend Rotation!

Platform Kings is a free game mode for everyone with four players that will only take two minutes from start to finish. Staying on the platform is the only way to earn points, so make sure you’re constantly claiming the reign over the goal! The only condition for winning is to have the most points, so eliminations (and deaths) will not affect whether you win or lose.

There are also eight more legends to come in the new legend rotation! The following eight legends will be available:

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