Heroes Of The Storm’s Newest Patch Tweaks Call For Help, Alters Hanamura

“We think the towers currently punish aggressive play too much, so we decrease their damage to give the diving heroes more time to play before they have to escape,” said Blizzard. “Our overall goal with the system is to continue to make aggressive play possible and to reward it, but also to give the defending team a way to punish extended dives in the Tower, which is mainly due to ‘cumulative armor.’

Moving on to the changes to Hanamura, there isn’t much that will dramatically change the way the card is read. Objective missile damage has been modestly increased from 1800 to 1900 instead. The Samurai Camp also had a bit of nerves, the Laner version having considerably reduced his health, as well as his health scale by 10% Heroes Of The Storm’s Newest Patch Tweaks Call For Help, Alters Hanamura
“We have heard comments that players think pushing the Samurai side is too strong and the goal is too weak,” said Blizzard. Their goal with these changes is to ensure that the easy-to-earn reward from the samurai camp is not as powerful a dominant force in the way.

And these are the changes! These new changes to the cry for help anomaly will certainly have a strong impact on the ability of aggressive and defensive players.

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