Is Gigi Hadid Giving Up Modeling For Motherhood? Can She Have Both?

Is Gigi Hadid giving up modeling for motherhood? This is a question that concerns many people now that we have learned that Gigi is expecting her first child with her partner Zayn Malik. The subject is also being reviewed now that people are coming back to an interview that Gigi gave to iD. In the article, she talked about her modeling career and how she was told she had no “runway” body. But she also said something else in reference to her future modeling career and motherhood. At the time, no one outside his immediate circle knew that she was pregnant. Coming back to the comments, however; many wonder if Gigi is ready to swap one role for another.

When asked if she was expanding her role in the fashion industry, Gigi gave a surprising answer. Is Gigi Hadid Giving Up Modeling For Motherhood? Can She Have Both?

“I think that as I get older … one day I will start a family and I don’t know if I will always be a model. I love the creative side of fashion, it’s so fulfilling. The people I work with make me so happy, I’m so lucky to be with them. But who knows? I may start cooking full time! ”

Many were unprepared to hear her answer and thought it must be about twenty years from now. Now that she is pregnant, people are wondering if she plans to leave the fashion industry to focus on her family. And to top it all, Gigi cooks even more!

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