Kirk Frost Makes Fans Happy By Posting

Kirk Frost pleased many of his followers today when he shared about an hour ago new photos of himself and his son and of Rasheeda Frost, Karter Frost. Check out his post below.

His fans congratulated Karter in the comments, and they made sure to tell Kirk that he was getting so fat with each passing day.

A disciple told Kirk: “ I love the fact that the ch

A follower said to Kirk, “It’s funny … I watch the episode when he was in the womb … how things change.”
Kirk Frost Makes Fans Happy By Posting New Pics With His Son, Karter Frost
One of Kirk’s supporters said, ‘@ frost117 much respect from Newark-Atl big bro. I see that Double RR continues to push with your success πŸ’ͺπŸΎπŸ’― ‘and someone else posted this:’ Hello @ frost117 Nice photo! Enjoy your weekend.

Someone else posted this: “Hello @ frost117 to you and the family”, and another follower was curious to know something else: “What time is @frostbistro open today bro?

The fan was referring to the Frost Bistro that Kirk and Rasheeda have managed to open in the past year.

Kirk replied to the fan and said, ‘3 p.m.’

The Frost Bistro is one of the successes of Rasheeda and Kirk, and they were both extremely happy when they opened the place in 2019.

Many of their fans have visited the place since, and most of them have nothing but glowing words for the look of the place and the taste of the food.

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