Minecraft’s Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack

Minecaft fans know that this DLC pack is nothing new. It debuted in 2014, linked to Mass Effect 3. However, this month marks the first time it arrives on Nintendo Switch. Mojang originally released platform-specific versions of this content, which means that many Mass Effect creations have never been experienced by the community at large.

However, the full pack is now available on Android, iOS, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

How much will this DLC cost?

In Minecraft terms, that will make you spin 990 Minecoins. In real terms, around $ 6.

There are 38 Mass Effect character skins included in the pack, as well as all of the new textures that have also been inspired by the Mass Effect game world. You’ll also discover themed menus and a compilation of songs from the Mass Effect 3 soundtrack. Minecraft’s Mass Effect Mash-Up Pack Brings Commander Shepard Onto The Nintendo Switch For The First Time

The most important addition comes in the form of a whole new world, inspired by the Mass Effect 3 Mars Base Camp.

Mass Effect has experienced many ups and downs since its initial release on the Xbox 360. Ultimately, the series also arrived on the PlayStation 3, but failed in its third installment.

Fans around the world were disappointed with the end of Mass Effect 3. A series that was built on player choices seemed to ignore this entirely for a cookie cutter ending that closed one of the most popular game stories. epic of all time with little more than a groan.
The recent release of Mass Effect Andromeda hasn’t helped much. A story on a much smaller scale was the least of the problems in this game. It suffered massively from buggy gameplay that often crashed or caused game problems that prompted most players to swear it completely.

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