Special mutton tangri

As I have already got tons of mutton recipes on my blog, you want to be wondering why I even have never blogged about the Mutton Paya Soup Recipe. to be honest, i used to be never keen on it as a toddler . And not finding ok trotters in Dubai didn’t help either.

But after landing in India, when my cousin called us over to her house, she had made this Mutton Paya Soup recipe. i used to be skeptical that my kids might actually not just like the paya. So, I hid all the paya and just gave them a touch shorba. i used to be totally surprised that my kids actually relished it. They came back for second and third helping. How to make mutton tangri at home | Special mutton tangri recipe in koklkat |Mutton Leg Paya RecipeI was compelled to click the dish and immediately write down the recipe. i’m yet to urge adventurous with making it though. Nevertheless this may be

hronicle of the recipe that I can ask for future use. Since my kids enjoyed the shorba considerably and are pestering me to form “that curry” that their aunt made. i will be able to need to make themsoon .All the measurements and method are totally by my cousin. And this mutton paya soup recipe or the paya shorba is fully attributed to her special mutton tangri

totally surprised to seek out out how easy the recipe was. before that, I had always assumed that creating the paya shorba was something too difficult. i used to be under the impression that it’s a lengthy and tedious process to cook it. But i used to be totally wrong. mutton recipeYou can either cook it on low heat during a large pan or use the autoclave to save lots of up the time. It doesn’t take too long to urge cooked if you employ the pressur

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