Tiny Harris’ Video Featuring Her And TI’s Boys Has Fans In Awe

Tiny Harris shared a preview of the family show on her social media account, and fans congratulate Major and King Harris who are featured in the clip. Check out the video below.

“Connect tonight at 8:00 pm to see Friends & Family Hustle on @ vh1” Tiny was telling his fans the other day.

Someone said, “The major reminds me so much of my 12 year old brother. so smart, sweet and calm .. i try to get him out of the house lol but he likes naw lol. ” Tiny Harris’ Video Featuring Her And TI’s Boys Has Fans In Awe
One subscriber said, “Your kids are so full of personality! The major is too nice “, and another commenter posted this message:” I’m not going to lie, some parties laughed well. ”

Someone else said, “Keep laughing … our kids don’t care, it won’t be funny.”

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